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Online Drivers
$9.99 USD
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Behind the
Wheel Training:
$80.00 USD
per hour
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Evaluation Lesson
Includes Written Report
$99 USD
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Training Package A:

2 hours of Behind the Wheel
And Online Drivers Education

$140.00 USD
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Training Package B:

6 hours of Behind the Wheel
And Online Drivers Education -

$360.00 USD
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Training Package C:

10 hours of Behind the Wheel
And Online Drivers Education -

$550.00 USD
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Training Package D:

Driver Safety Program includes BTW , Online Drivers Education and written evaluation -

$350.00 USD
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The Driver Guy

Welcome to our driving school. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and would like to take a quick moment and share our philosophy about Drivers Education and Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction. We are a premier driving school located in North County San Diego, California offering the best value in DRIVER TRAINING and DRIVER EDUCATION for your dollar. Our teaching philosophy starts with the idea that each student is unique, not just another driving lesson. Our individualized lessons are interactive, intelligent, and intuitive. We know from experience that not all students learn the same way and since we are a small and unique driver training school, we are able to tailor each lesson individually to the needs of each student. We take our role seriously and do not stop and take personal breaks, or talk on the cell phone, or pick up multiple students during lessons. You get full value and great training for your money. When you want the very best why pay more. Pay less.


Our driver training vehicles are equipped with both a gas and brake pedal on the passenger side. Having the training car equipped only with a brake, makes you only half as safe. We want our students to be completely safe in the car if something unusual should happen. Don't be fooled if other driving schools tell you otherwise. Common sense tells us it is indeed safer to have both a gas and brake pedal installed on the passenger side of the car for complete control of the vehicle during driving lessons. Second, our driver training vehicles are equipped with four training mirrors and three student mirrors for complete circular vision. To be completely safe, the instructor must be able to watch not only the road, but the student's movements as well. Having these mirrors ensures that the driving instructor is able to see all angles clearly for maximum safety. our driving school instructors have never been in an at fault accident and to this date none injury related ! This is something we are proud to say and stand behind. One minor accident on the road can cost thousands of dollars and interfere with enjoyment of daily activities as well as serious injuries. When choosing a driving school, please ask these important questions before entrusting your safety to them. First, do all of your driver training cars have both a gas and brake pedal on the passenger side? Second, Is your training car fully equipped with four training mirrors and three student mirrors? We hope this brief tutorial on picking a safe training program has helped you decide on a driving school. We would like to invite you to join our team of successful graduates. We truly believe that when you come to Alliance Defensive Driving School, you will experience the very best value for your dollar. Come experience the difference between a driving school and Alliance Defensive Driving School.


Welcome to our in classroom and online Driver Education programs. We are very pleased to offer you the finest programs at the best value and price. We offer both in classroom and online driver education programs for your convenience. Our driving programs are unique in so many different ways because we use the latest, cutting edge teaching methods for your safety on the road. Please click here to visit our driver's education web page to learn more.

Available on Mon-Fri from 5-7 p.m.

Bumper to Bumper-$1600
We do all the work so you can relax & Corporate Driving Programs starting at $350. Call for details.
Re - examination packages:

$99.00 and $350.00

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Thanks Gerald - Marcie R.

“Many of the kids at my school failed the test  before they passed. I am so glad I came to Alliance Defensive Driving School because I got a perfect score of 100% the first time I took the driving test!” Thanks Alliance Defensive Driving School .
Marcie R.

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