As you navigate through trying to decide on which school to attend, you’ll want to know some important facts before making the final decision. Ask question such as “are your driver training cars all dual controlled with both a gas and brake pedals on the instructors side”? The state of California only requires by law, an extra brake on the passenger side. Gerald Cullison, the owner of Alliance Defensive Driving School simply believes this is unsafe practice. Why? Because you as a student want your teacher to be able to keep you safe in any situation you might encounter on the road. Don’t let other drive schools fool you into thinking otherwise. It is not worth the danger to you for them to save a few extra dollars. All of our cars our dual controlled with both gas and brake pedals on the passenger side to insure complete and total safety for each student. Ask the drive schools policy towards a ride along in the back seat. Mr. Cullison believes that team work is important to help promote the success of each student. When you decide to work with Alliance Defensive Driving School, you are building an alliance together with us to achieve your goals. We are committed to your success and look forward to answering further question you might have.


School Owner, Operator, Master Instructor

Has trained with CHP Officers to become a driving instructor in the city of San Francisco. With a population of over one million people, it is one of the most difficult cities in America to drive in. He has worked all over the bay area traveling between San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco teaching 1,000 of students from ages 15 ½ to 90 yrs how to drive accident free. To this date Alliance Defensive Driving School had not had one single injury accident that we are aware of. Gerald was born and raised in Solana Beach, California . He grew up playing tennis in San Diego and most proud of his accomplishments of becoming an “All American” tennis player ranked in the top ten nationally in singles and doubles in 1984 and 1985 and earning the prestigious Ward-Ballinger Outstanding Player Award, signifying the National Associations Intercollegiate Athletics best all around tennis player, in 1985. U.S. Professional Tennis Player Association certified, he went on to play in Europe on the Adidas satellite tour. Some of the professional players he has played with include Jimmy Connors, Roscoe Tanner, and Sandy Mayer. In 1992 Gerald finished graduate school and received his Masters Degree. He was called to work with youth specifically troubled kids. He has been in the teaching field for over 27 years and brings a wealth of diverse experience to Alliance Defensive Driving School. His degree in psychology is always effective in helping understand each students needs and he also understands the “stimulation threshold” of teaching. Currently Gerald owns and operates Alliance Defensive Driving School. He is a tennis coach for San Diego County, a member of the Driving School Association of Americas, and a Traffic Safety Commissioner for the city of San Marcos. In his spare time he enjoys helping kids learn to play tennis.


Lead Instructor

I was born and raised in the south part of San Diego County and have lived in San Diego my entire life. I am married with three children. I lived in Valley Center for about 9 years and have lived in Escondido for the last 4. For 14 years I worked as a San Diego Police Officer. I held many positions within the department including several years on patrol in some of the busiest areas of the city. I worked the Beach Team, the D.A.R.E. program, Neighborhood Policing and others. As a Sergeant I again worked patrol in East San Diego and then held several administrative positions including an assignment in the planning of the 1998 Super Bowl and the planning of the Republican National convention in 1996. Of course I wrote thousands of tickets saw hundreds of accidents and arrested hundreds of people for drunk driving. I can share with you the devastation I witnessed firsthand from careless and foolish driving. Am I going to teach you how to get out of a ticket? Absolutely not. I will, however, teach you to be the best driver you can be so you never get a ticket in the first place. As a mom of three teenagers, I have a great desire to see our teenagers be skilled and confident drivers.


Alliance Driving Instructor

I love driving! I want you to love it too, and I want everybody to be really good at it. I enjoy traveling and have driven most of the USA by car. I even drove semi-trucks professionally. I am married and the thankful father of 5 children. I am also currently in grad school at Westminster Seminary in Escondido. Teaching people how to be the best drivers on the road is a rewarding job and I look forward to meeting you.

Poppy “popstarr”

New Instructor

Born Aug. 1st 2005 in Modesto California. Lives by the motto “I have never met a human I didn’t like”. Hobbie’s include singing, dancing, and eating shrimp.


  • 48 hr cancellation must be made during business hours monday-friday 9-5pm or late fee applies.
  • A $25 administration fee, PayPal fee , and package conversion fee, may apply to early termination of lessons..
  • All packages and payments good for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • All Driver Education students please contact office when program is completed..
  • Lost, eaten, or stolen 400c and/or 400d certificates will incur a replacement fee of $10.00 dollars.

Our policy is very strict on teaching students if the instructor is not completely healthy. Healthy by definition is cardiovascular and cognitive clarity while involved in the participation of driving and teaching. Alliance Defensive Driving School puts the health and safety of our employees and students before all other considerations. If an instructor is not 100% alert for a lesson due to any reason (such as injury or sickness), the lesson will need to be rescheduled due to situations outside of our control. We extend this policy to our students as well, as we want to promote healthy and safe driving habits. We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you in advance for your patience in working with us as these unforeseen circumstances arise.

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