Adults Safe and Defensive Driving Programs

If you are 18 years and older, you are required to take a written test at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. One you pass this test you will be issued a driver’s permit allowing you to drive with a professional driving instructor. This is where we come in.

Alliance Defensive Driving School specialize in teaching adults how to drive safely. Our calm, patient, professional instructors will take you comfortably through our step by step process and help you become a safe, confident, and licensed driver.

Our owner Gerald Cullison has taught hundreds of adults in the city of San Francisco to drive safely without accidents. He has worked with fortune 500 business owners, Stanford University Professors, and Local Public Figures. He brings his experience and knowledge to San Diego and is ready to share the secrets of defensive driving with you.

Adults / Driver Safety Re – examination packages $99.00 and $350.00

Our curriculum for defensive “behind the wheel” training includes but not limited to,


  • 48 hr cancellation must be made during business hours monday-friday 9-5pm or late fee applies.
  • A $25 administration fee, PayPal fee , and package conversion fee, may apply to early termination of lessons..
  • All packages and payments good for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • All Driver Education students please contact office when program is completed..
  • Lost, eaten, or stolen 400c and/or 400d certificates will incur a replacement fee of $10.00 dollars.

Our policy is very strict on teaching students if the instructor is not completely healthy. Healthy by definition is cardiovascular and cognitive clarity while involved in the participation of driving and teaching. Alliance Defensive Driving School puts the health and safety of our employees and students before all other considerations. If an instructor is not 100% alert for a lesson due to any reason (such as injury or sickness), the lesson will need to be rescheduled due to situations outside of our control. We extend this policy to our students as well, as we want to promote healthy and safe driving habits. We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you in advance for your patience in working with us as these unforeseen circumstances arise.

WE Offer

  • Permit Info
  • DMV Practice Test
  • Driving Test Info
  • Make DMV Test Appointment
  • DMV Teen Driver Information
  • New California DMV Driver Licenses