New Funding For Sacramento PD for DUI Checkpoints

Here’s an interesting article about the California Office of Traffic Safety awarding a grant of $240,900 to the Sacramento Police Department to continue their DUI Checkpoints. Apparently Sacramento has the highest DUI death and injury than any other city in California. If the situation is so prevalent in California’s capitol, one would think that lawmakers would try to push for tougher laws…or not? What is your opinion? Do you think tougher laws would work, or would they backfire? Do you think harsher laws should be implemented when somebody has multiple DUI’s. Or what do you think the best solution would be?

Posted On:June 6, 2017

AT&T Joins Texting and Driving Awareness

Finally, it seems that major communications companies are starting to become aware that, if texting and driving continues unabated, their precious customer base will rapidly dwindle to extinction due to highly preventable accidents. AT&T seem to be taking the lead in actively educating young drivers about the dangers of texting and driving through simulators taken around schools. So far, the kids seem to be impressed and receptive to the idea of the shocking dangers of texting and driving. They offer one method that seems to be the best of all suggestions offered thus far: Turn off the phone when driving! If you can’t hear the phone even when it’s in vibrator mode, you won’t be tempted to look to see if you’ve received any messages. And, yes, as a study conducted by the University of Michigan recently stated: It is still considered texting and driving, if you look at your phone to see if you’ve received messages, even if you don’t respond to them. That’s because you are taking your eyes off the road instead of giving your full undivided attention to driving. Split second critical errors are made when the brain is suddenly engaged in activities not related to the task at hand–driving!

Posted On:June 6, 2017

Yellow Arrows Causing Confusion

It seems like more than a few people are confused about the role of the relatively new yellow arrow that is supposed to be an added safety improvement, but because of it’s slow implementation across the nation, it’s causing confusion among motorists, with at least one accident already attributed to the yellow arrow. From the gist of the article, it seems as though DMV’s and transportation departments are inadequately advising motorists on how to obey the yellow arrow. It seems like a massive campaign to better explain the role of the yellow arrow is in order, if only to prevent further miscommunications that result in preventable accidents.

Posted On:June 6, 2017

A Squirrelly Excuse

We found this irresistible DUI nugget today. The squirrel no doubt something was dangerously amiss with this fellow, and tried to stop him any way he could! Wonder whatever happened to the squirrel. And, much more importantly, why is this man still able to get behind the wheel with his sky high blood alcohol level reading?

Posted On:June 6, 2017

No Smiling Please….

Interesting article about the DMV in New Jersey not wanting it’s driver licence applicants to smile on their photo. It’s due to the fact that the Department’s facial recognition software goes haywire when someone smiles. According to the same article, New York’s DMV facial recognition software does not have that problem, and people can go ahead and smile, frown, look bored, neutral…whatever. But as the article correctly points out–how many of us want to smile after waiting interminably in a long line at the DMV before finally getting our turn to do our business?

Posted On:June 6, 2017

Another Terrible Reminder

It happens more frequently than it should. A parent, not aware of where their young child is, starts the family car, backs up, and doesn’t notice that their child has toddled to the back of the vehicle, striking him or her. The consequences are nearly 100% fatal. What follows is a lifetime of anguish fo the entire family. Please, please, parents, make sure, before you get into your vehicle, to look around, in front, to the sides, and back, to make sure no one is around the car that could be in the way. Make sure that your child, pets, other adults, are clearly visible to you. This tragedy should not have to happen to anybody.

Posted On:June 3, 2017

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