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Our online Driver's Education course is approved by the California DMV. as are our Behind the Wheel Programs. Our driver training vehicles are equipped with both a gas and brake pedal on the passenger side. Having the training car equipped only with a brake, makes you only half as safe. We want our students to be completely safe in the car if something unusual should happen. Don't be fooled if other driving schools tell you otherwise. Common sense tells us it is indeed safer to have both a gas and brake pedal installed on the passenger side of the car for complete control of the vehicle during driving lessons. Second, our driver training vehicles are equipped with four training mirrors and three student mirrors for complete circular vision. To be completely safe, the instructor must be able to watch not only the road, but the student's movements as well.

We know from experience that not all students learn the same way and since we are a small and unique driver training school, we are able to tailor each lesson individually to the needs of each student. We take our role seriously and do not stop and take personal breaks, or talk on the cell phone, or pick up multiple students during lessons. You get full value and great training for your money. When you want the very best why pay more. Pay less.


  • Please read this entire page before scheduling
  • Click on green button to the right that says "CLICK FOR AVAILABLE LESSON APPOINTMENTS" OR "PURCHASE YOUR LESSONS APPOINTMENTS" above before scheduling and paying for your lesson appointments.
  • Click on "ZONE"
  • On the CALENDAR PAGE pick your date and time you would like to have a lesson appointments and click on that day
  • A table will display with times available. Click on the available lesson hours correlating with your 2 hr lesson time.Remember each paid lesson credit equals 2 hour of drive time. Click on button named 'Click To Proceed'.
  • Fill out the pick up and drop off address and zipcodes. We can arrange to meet you at a public business if preferred within your zone.
  • Either make your payment using our third party affiliate or use your existing lesson credits to confirm your appointment
  • Read the DISCLAIMER PAGE and click "agree button"
  • You will receive an confirmation email .
  • Thank you for choosing Alliance Defensive Driving School. We look forward to having you in the drivers seat.

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