Alliance Defensive Driving School Services

Welcome to our driving school. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and would like to take a quick moment and share our philosophy about Drivers Education and Behind-the-Wheel driving instruction. We are a premier driving school located in North County San Diego, California offering the best value in DRIVER TRAINING and DRIVER EDUCATION for your dollar. Our teaching philosophy starts with the idea that each student is unique, not just another driving lesson. Our individualized lessons are interactive, intelligent, and intuitive. We know from experience that not all students learn the same way and since we are a small and unique driver training school, we are able to tailor each lesson individually to the needs of each student. We take our role seriously and do not stop and take personal breaks, or talk on the cell phone, or pick up multiple students during lessons. You get full value and great training for your money. When you want the very best why pay more. Pay less.

Alliance Defensive Driving School Mature Driver/ Traffic Safety program:

When you reach age 70, The Department of Motor Vehicles require mature adults to come into a local office and may require you to take a written test. At this time the department will determine if you will need to take an eye test and a “behind the wheel” re-examination test. Some reasons that the DMV might require you to take a re-examination test are but not limited to:

You might be sent a medical questionnaire and/or the DMV might schedule a hearing by phone or have you come into their Traffic Safety Division . Either way it is important to get help, and that is when Alliance Defensive Driving School comes in.

Owner Gerald Cullison has worked with hundreds of mature drivers who lost their license and has successfully had their license returned to them. He admits that once a mature driver has lost their license, it is imperative that they get professional help from a defensive driving school not a lawyer. The DMV will not recognize a lawyer’s opinion as fact about the driving skills related to the incident at hand. Mr. Cullison’s professional opinion is that a lawyer will typically charge up to $5,000 without producing results that can be achieved through a defensive driving school for much less money.


  • 48 hr cancellation must be made during business hours monday-friday 9-5pm or late fee applies.
  • A $25 administration fee, PayPal fee , and package conversion fee, may apply to early termination of lessons..
  • All packages and payments good for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • All Driver Education students please contact office when program is completed..
  • Lost, eaten, or stolen 400c and/or 400d certificates will incur a replacement fee of $10.00 dollars.

Our policy is very strict on teaching students if the instructor is not completely healthy. Healthy by definition is cardiovascular and cognitive clarity while involved in the participation of driving and teaching. Alliance Defensive Driving School puts the health and safety of our employees and students before all other considerations. If an instructor is not 100% alert for a lesson due to any reason (such as injury or sickness), the lesson will need to be rescheduled due to situations outside of our control. We extend this policy to our students as well, as we want to promote healthy and safe driving habits. We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you in advance for your patience in working with us as these unforeseen circumstances arise.

WE Offer

  • Permit Info
  • DMV Practice Test
  • Driving Test Info
  • Make DMV Test Appointment
  • DMV Teen Driver Information
  • New California DMV Driver Licenses